Thanks Joe Ng for permission to use your art!

Welcome to the Bison for President! Shadowloo Cosplay group page. This is a site dedicated to three (yes, 3!) cosplay groups:

We are currently under a complete renovation! Please excuse any broken links. We hope to remedy this as soon as possible.

-Shadow Lady Chun-li and the B4P staff

Currently, our main focus is on The Doll Agents Division of Bison for President! Shadowloo Cosplay, as well as some of the members from the Shadowloo Minions Division. We debuted our group during Anime Expo 2007 at the Capcom vs SNK gathering and look forward to meeting you at future conventions!

We are on Livejournal and Myspace!

Bison for Prez (Livejournal) Bison4Prez (Myspace)
Delta Red Cosplay (Livejournal) Delta Red Cosplay (Myspace)
Project CLCD (Livejournal) Project CLCD (Myspace)

Being that we are cosplayers, some of us are also willing to accept commissions (but this is also based on our schedules). To see some of Shadow Lady Chun-li's works, click here (newly opened!) .

I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to Stefan99's for all of his help with providing reference art and information based around many of these characters. It means a lot. Thanks hon!

Please visit his site!


If you'd like to place a banner to link to our site, you're welcome to use our current banner! (please save it to your own space, do not leech!)

Please excuse the delays for putting this website together. I'm currently working on it in my free time. I hope you enjoy it!

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Image credit to the SNK-style Sprites on the Doll Division banner goes to eFex's site! Image credit for the Yanyu, Xiayu, Juni, and Juli on the main banner goes to it's owner (don't know their name yet, but I want to give them credit).

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